Breaking: Google Ads to Phase Out Modified Broad Match

Modified broad match will be sunset, with phrase match taking over. Here's what this means for advertisers and how queries match to keywords.

Why Broad Match on Google Ads is no Good 2022

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Managing Google’s Changes to Phrase and BMM – Learn With Optmyzr

Google’s move to phasing out Broad Match Modified keywords and changing Phrase Match functionality has become quite the hot topic in the PPC industry. Advertisers are concerned about how this could affect us in the coming months as the search giant keeps withholding search terms data.

While the transition is confusing, we have updated Optmyzr’s Rule Engine to handle this change. Join me on this webinar with Juan, from our customer success team, to know how Optmyzr tools can help ease some of your troubles regarding keywords data and give back control to advertisers.


• Fred Vallaeys, Co-founder and CEO
• Juan Aristimuño, Account Manager


• What is changing with the phrase and BMM keywords
• How to find new search terms Google is starting to show your ads for
• How to automatically find highly unrelated search terms and make them negative keywords

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Google Ads Course | New update of Broad Match Modifier & Phrase Match | Part#23 | UmarTazkeer

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The DEATH of Text Ads and Modified Broad Match

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Google are going to get rid of modified broad match and expanded text ads (the standard default ad option previously)

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