DuckDuckGo's Search Deal Prevents Browser From Blocking Microsoft Trackers

DuckDuckGo's mobile web browser allows Microsoft data trackers, despite promising privacy protections.

I tried the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 🙁 – My first impressions

DuckDuckGo has released a browser. At this time it’s only for Mac, but they say a Windows version is coming soon. Privacy isn’t something you need only in particular situations or in small doses, and it’s a lie that you can’t have the same Internet you want and need while also increasing your privacy. We make privacy easy with DuckDuckGo.

Their mobile apps, for example, make privacy the default, with no convoluted settings, no need to grasp the ins and outs of technology, just built-in privacy protections that function, such as private search, tracker blocking, website encryption (HTTPS upgrade), and email security. Since their inception in 2018, you’ve downloaded them over 150 million times, and we’ve heard from you that you want the same “privacy, simple” experience on your desktops and laptops.

Their built-in private search engine, powerful tracker blocker, *new* cookie pop-up protection on approximately 50% of sites (with that percentage growing significantly throughout beta), Fire Button (one-click data clearing), email protection, and more are all included in a single download – all for free. There are no sophisticated privacy settings; simply basic privacy protection that works out of the box.

You can obtain incredibly fast browsing by using your computer’s built-in website rendering engine (the same one Safari uses) and blocking trackers before they load (unlike all the other major browsers). We’re already faster than Chrome in some graphics tests (using the Motion Mark 1.2 benchmark) and, as an added bonus, DuckDuckGo consumes roughly 60% less data than Chrome by blocking trackers!

Their built-in Smarter Encryption guarantees that you visit the encrypted (HTTPS) version of a website more frequently, and our tracker blocking ensures that you are less vulnerable to third-party scripts attempting to obtain your data. In addition, we built our product such that in-app data like history, bookmarks, and passwords are stored locally on your device by default and aren’t available to DuckDuckGo.

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Intro – 00:00
Browser demo – 00:33
Tracker blocking – 01:58
New tab interface – 04:00
Leave No Trace – 04:34
Testing tracker blocking – 05:15
Browser settings – 07:57
Concerns – 10:35
Final Thoughts – 11:44

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BYE DUCK DUCK GO, here’s my new search engine! Private Alternatives to Google

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00:00 Intro
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01:50 Why I left Duck Duck Go
05:01 E Spot and SearX: lacking in the image department
07:09 Yandex. No. Seriously, no.
07:15 Brave Search: A good contender, but that company…
09:07 Ecosia: plant trees while you search
11:16 Startpage: excellent results, but concerns about the future
13:18 SearchEncrypt, Swisscow, Mojeek: not for me!
13:36 What did I pick?
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DuckDuckGo backing off from Microsoft tracking or almost

DuckDuckGo might be backing off on the mobile browser tracking, it still hurt it’s reputation for not saying anything

I’m leaving DuckDuckGo, and here’s what I picked…

I break down my journey of finding a new private search engine–let it help you on your journey for the best search engine for YOU!

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Search Engine Map:
Startpage CEO Interview:

Since some people are asking: No–none of the search engines in this video paid us money or influenced it in any other way, strictly Henry’s personal journey. None were even aware of this video and are seeing it for the first time like you all are.

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00:00 Introduction
00:07 DuckDuckGo
00:51 Startpage
02:13 Searx
02:48 DuckDuckGo 2
03:34 The Dark Ages
03:55 Brave Search
06:45 Recapping All Options
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