Tilda: An SEO-Friendly Website Builder. 6 Features That Will Help You Rank High [Review]

To create a website that ranks high in SERPs and cuts through the noise in today’s competitive market, you need a solid website builder.

Webinar “Getting Started with Tilda.” June 17, 2021

This webinar is for everyone who has just started using Tilda. We’ll walk you through the basics, go over key features, show you how the interface works, and answer your questions.

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00:00 Intro
3:19 What is Tilda?
3:47 How to Assemble a Website on Tilda
6:30 Template Collection
7:30 What You Can Build on Tilda
11:01 Tilda Features
22:20 Dashboard Overview
23:14 Pricing Plans
28:10 Help Center
31:15 How to Create a Website
33:14 Page Editor Overview
34:30 Editing Content
36:51 How to Upload Images and Use built-in Image Library
39:09 Block Settings
42:01 How to Set Up a Font
46:21 How to Delete and Replace Blocks
48:04 How to Change Block’s Elements
50:25 How to Create a Custom Design using Zero Block
1:00:09 Preview: Responsive by Default
1:01:15 How to Publish the Page
1:03:38 Modifying the Page Content and Structure
1:06:06 Page Settings
1:11:30 How to Create Your Own Templates
1:12:05 How to Create a Folder
1:13:54 Website Settings
1:28:05 Tilda Blog
1:28:57 Errors Widget
1:29:21 Free Services on Tilda
1:29:56 Leave Your Feedback and Thanks for Watching!

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◾ Tilda Icons: ​https://tilda.cc/free-icons​
◾ Tilda Experts: ​https://experts.tilda.cc

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Getting Started with Tilda

This video helps you get started with Tilda website builder. You’ll learn how to create new pages, use blocks, publish your website, and more. This tutorial also provides a complete description of Site settings and Page settings and introduces some basic features of the editor mode.

�� Create a stunning website on Tilda: https://tilda.cc

00:00 Introduction
00:16 Main dashboard
01:35 Website dashboard
03:04 Editor mode interface
07:56 How to add a new page
09:02 Site settings
15:56 Page settings

Learn more on how Tilda works: https://help.tilda.ws/getstarted

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Top 5 Website Builders 2023

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Which website builder do you like best?

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And here’s a cool thing. You can do the same exact thing on your website just like I did. And can you guess how I did it? I added a free tool to my website. It’s called Ubersuggest. And if you think about Ubersuggest if you haven’t checked it out, go to ubersuggest.com or neilpatel.com/ubersuggest or to the same URL. And when you put in your website or a keyword it gives you all this SEO data such as how popular a keyword is or how much it costs per click or how much traffic a website’s getting or who’s linking to it.

Now with this tool, a lot of people charge $100 a month for a lot of the features that I give away for free. Sure there’s paid plans on Ubersuggest but the majority of the features are for free. Now do you get the value here? Most people charge $100 a month, I charge zero for most of the features.

It doesn’t matter if my product is better or worse than theirs. And I’m not saying it is better or worse, but when people look at it they say, 100$ or zero. Zero creates a lot of traffic and backlinks cause a lot of people, majority of the people don’t want to pay money. So how do you generate similar results? Especially if you don’t have a budget like me to hire developers and designers and product people.

Well there’s this site called CodeCanyon. Check it out, CodeCanyon has tools on everything. Real estate, there’s tools for that. Car industry, there’s tools for that. Storage industry, there’s tools for that as well. There’s tools for literally every industry.

Heck, if you’re competing with me in the SEO industry or digital market industry, there’s tones of tools for that on CodeCanyon. And they’ll sell you these tools anywhere from usually $10 to $50. And what you do is you download the tool, it’s white label, you add your own logo to it. You upload it to your server. It’s on your website now. And over time whether you promote the tool hard or not or just link to it a few times on social media and linked in your navigation, over time what you’ll find is, the tool will be one of the most popular pages on your site .

It’ll naturally get back links. It’ll naturally get social shares and It’ll do well. And when that tool gets all that authority remember that tool’s on your site, your domain. So it’s actually boosting the overall authority for the whole site. So that means if you have this blog article on dog food or SEO or marketing or dentist, it makes your whole site rank higher. That’s the trick. That’s what you need to do.

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