Top 7 Tips To Make Your WordPress Site Fast & Secure

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How to Speed up Your WordPress Site (7 simple ways)

In this video, I’ll show you how to speed up your site with multiple simple methods. The faster your site is, the better your SEO ranking, so this is very important if you want your site to be easily discoverable.

0:00 Intro
0:41 How to check your site speed
1:23 Choose a good web hosting
2:07 Choose an optimized and lightweight WordPress theme
2:31 Optimize images
3:24 Use caching plugins
3:49 Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
4:35 Clean up your WordPress database
5:08 Deactivate trackbacks and pingbacks

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How to Make your WordPress Website Faster: 9 Quick Wins

if your WordPress site is running slow, you’re probably losing customers. People won’t stick around and wait for long, and Google won’t show your site in search results if it knows you’re slow. But never fear, I’ve got some super actionable tips to share. If you’re wondering how to make your WordPress website faster, you’re gonna want to watch this entire video.

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

If your website gets a below-average performance on Google Pagespeed Insights or did not pass the Core Web Vitals, then in this video, we are going to share with you 9 practical tips on how to speed up your WordPress website.

We promise you that some of the tips are unheard of because they are thought of and experimented by us.

So, let’s get started.

Chapters (Timestamps):
00:00 – Introduction
00:11 – What May Slow Down The Site
01:10 – Should You Optimize Only Homepage?
03:40 – Core Web Vitals
04:44 – First Contentful Paint
05:30 – Speed Index
05:59 – Largest Contentful Paint
06:39 – Time to Interactive
07:14 – Total Blocking Time
08:10 – Cumulative Layout Shift
09:27 – #1: Identify Issues With Blank Page
12:22 – #2: Identify Slow Plugins
15:13 – #3: Optimize For LCP
16:58 – #4: Optimize Your Image For Web
19:47 – #5: Host Sites On Litespeed Servers
21:02 – #6: Allocate Elements to Right Pages
22:51 – #7: Use A Lightweight Theme
23:58 – #8: Install WP Performance Plugin
26:50 – #9: Use A CDN
27:51 – Recap
29:59 – Outro

Google Pagespeed Insights:

Pingdom Tools (Tip #2 – 12:22):
► (Tip #4 – 16:58):

More Info on the Google PSI’s Metrics:

With this, we sincerely hope that these tips will help you improve your site speed tremendously so that your site can pass Core Web Vitals and rank highly and search engines. We are all about helping your content climb the ranks on search engines.

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My 99/100 Page Speed Secret: WordPress and Elementor Speed Optimization Tips Revealed!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Step 1 Page cache plugin (WP fastest cache)
2:06 Step 2 Js and css optimization using autoptimize
3:00 Step 3 optiming images to webP using webp express plugin
5:25 Eliminate render-blocking resources
6:07 optimizing slow google fonts
6:29 Final results after speed optimizations
7:00 Outro

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