5 Reasons To Learn To Code Google Ads Scripts Now

Automation and Google Ads scripts are here to stay. Here's why you should learn to use these time-saving tools today.

Google Ads Scripts Tutorial | How to Implement Scripts in Google Ads | Google Ads Course Free

In this you will learn Google Ads Scripts Tutorial in Hindi You can also learn complete Digital Marketing Free through our YouTube channel in Hindi.

If you are the one who want to make big money in digital marketing then it is a must tool.

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The Best First Language To Learn (5 reasons) | Apps Script

What is the Apps script?
It is a JavaScript language with Google colors and touches.
And for these five reasons, it is the best first language to learn.
Number one:
– It is free and easy to get started.
To start, type into the Omnibox script.new, press Enter, and the script editor will appear. No need to install any package.
Number two:
– We can see the effect of our code visually and immediately.
Create a function, click Run, and we can see the result of our code.

Number three:
– It is the best way to understand the core concept of the programming languages, and it will be easy to learn any other one.
Number four:
– With a minimum knowledge of apps script, we can customize, interact with Google Applications, automate routine tasks, and create web apps and Add-ons.
Number five:
-It is easy to learn because Google offers user-friendly documentation and resources.

How to use Google Apps Script | Detailed Tutorial

Google Apps Script | Learn with Projects – Detailed Tutorial

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10 Tips for Coding Google Ads Scripts FAST in 2023 (Intermediate/Advanced)

I’ve been writing Google Ads Scripts for around a decade now. It’s in my best interest to write scripts FAST.
Here are some tips you can implement today that will speed up your Scripts game immensely.

Note this is a bit more advanced! If you aren’t already familiar with Scripts this might not be for you.

It wasn’t an official tip, but I’d add to use ChatGPT! I’ve used it for mock data here but it can be used for the code itself too.

We’ve made a video on ChatGPT here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwAsNQWbs10

I talk about ES6. You can find more info about that here: https://www.programiz.com/javascript/ES6

Go to https://shabba.io to learn more and access free scripts.

Close Variants in Google Ads – How to Stop Them with Automation

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Close variants in Google Ads means that google are able to match user searches to your keywords, even if the terms within their search term don’t actually appear in your ad.

Google says this has multiple benefits, like simplifying campaign management and ensuring your ads don’t miss potentially relevant searches

In this video we are going to take a closer look specifically at how they work, the advantages and of course the disadvantages of close variants

and at the end, we’re going to look at how you can stop your ads from showing for close variants.

Remove close variants script

What are close variants?

Google matching a users search to your keyword, overriding your match types

“ing”, “ed”, “er”, etc.
One word being split into two words
Two words being combined into one
and straight up interpretation

It started creeping into search reports towards the end of 2015, and grew in prevalence in 2016. Only in 2017 did Google officially announce that close variants can be associated with all match-types.

It affects all keyword match types, so even though you think your keyword match types will protect your ads from showing for a particular search term, Google can use close variant matching to override your keyword matching.

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